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Veva Belle's Charming Nursery

Veva Belle's Nursery

Being an interior designer, Aubrey Smith of Aubrey Veva Design was beyond excited to begin designing the nursery for her first baby, Veva Belle. She transformed her old office into this darling little space with striking black and white details. From sweet heart decals to glittery gold accents, the room is feminine and just a touch glam. Read on for all the details about the planning process from Aubrey!

"My inspiration by behind her nursery was my little Veva Belle. I wanted a charming room full of light, love, and laughter like what she brings into my life everyday. This small room sits on the east side of our historic home in the avenues in Salt Lake City. The mornings are my favorite in here, with 3 windows in this small space the sun spills into this room, giving it such a fresh warm feel."

Veva Belle's Nursery

"With all the natural light in her nursery my color palette I chose was a base of black and white, with splashes of reds, gold’s and corals. The walls being a crisp white I needed a little character, but the problem with this is we are renting and I couldn’t do anything crazy so I added these fun heart decals. They are super easy to peel on and off, and are great for renters like us. The focal point of course was her chic black crib covered in poka-dots, floral’s, and red velvet ribbon bedding which my lovely mother helped me make. Over the crib I draped a delicate white net to add a romantic affect, and inside hung a small gold mobile branch, adorned with colorful pom poms, made by my friend Melissa."

Veva Belle's NurseryVeva Belle's NurseryVeva Belle's Nursery

"Next to her crib I placed a modern Eames rocking chair with faux sheepskin to cushion, for all our cuddling and story telling."

Veva Belle's NurseryVeva Belle's Nursery

"Underneath one of the windows I centered her dresser/changing table. Now this old dresser is very special to me, I bought it from an elderly woman who didn’t want it any more. It was a very sad looking dresser at the time. My talented husband said he could fix it up in his dads shop, I was 7 month pregnant. A few days after we purchased it I came home to a gorgeous surprise in my garage, my husband had totally transformed this dreary old thing into this absolutely stunning white and black dresser. (I have a photo of me extremely pregnant and ecstatic standing next to this dresser in that surprised moment. I will never forget this special time during the designing of her room.)"

Veva Belle's NurseryVeva Belle's NurseryVeva Belle's Nursery

"This nursery was such a delight to design, to see the transformation of my cluttered chaotic design office to the exquisite glamorous nursery. My baby girl loves her room, and could play in it for hours on end. I couldn’t have put her nursery together with out the love and help of my friends and family, whom I am so blessed with."

Veva Belle's Nursery


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Bowls and Vases:
Crib Pillow and Animals:
Faux Sheepskin and Black & White Drapery:
Crib Bedding: DIY by baby's mom and grandmother
Branch Mobile: DIY by mom's friend Melissa
Black and Gold 1920s Flower Chandelier: Found at consignment shop and refurbished
Dresser and Black & Gold Mirror: From a local website, KSL
Pink Elephant Table Lamp: Local consignment shop
Pinwheel Quilt: Made by baby's gradmother
Bee Rider Toy: Wheely Bug