About the Little Umbrella

We're so happy you're here! We're dedicated to bringing you printables, projects, and design inspiration for life's special moments, big and small. We offer a variety of printables that are completely customizable, from art prints to full party packages. To keep the DIY spirit rolling, we also have a range of project ideas to complement your next party, for unique handmade gift ideas, or to help make your interior space just a little brighter. And for those moments when you want to make your life a little easier rather than do-it-yourself, we also have a shop with our own originally designed and illustrated items available for purchase.

The Little Umbrella originally launched on Valentine's Day 2011 as On to Baby (read about our name change here!). In August 2014 we relaunched with a new name, branding, and website. In 2017 we narrowed our focus to original creative content, but you can still find all of our previous featured blog content archived on the site.