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From 2011-2016, we had an inspiration blog featuring nurseries, baby showers, parties, and portraits that were submitted to us by photographers, designers, and parents. We no longer accept submissions or post new blog content, but we have left the archive here for those who have saved this content, or for new readers looking for inspiration.

A Special Look at One Expecting Mom's Journey

Today's post is a little different than our normal maternity session. Lexia Frank sent us a really special documentation series of her own pregnancy, starting at 19 weeks, that we just had to share with you. She was inspired after seeing a series done by photographer and blogger Ryan from Pacing the Panic Room. If you are expecting like I am, this may resonate especially with you as it did with me. We've only posted a selection of weeks, but you can see the full series by clicking here to visit Lexia's blog (the photos are much larger there as well if you are having trouble reading the text). Here is what Lexia had to say about this series:

"As a professional photographer, I am rarely ever in front of the camera, instead always behind it. It's important, however, to know how the client feels in front of a camera, because you can relate so much more. With the advent of our second child, we decided to document my entire pregnancy process each week beginning when I started to show at 19 weeks. It was tough, every single Sunday, finding a few hours free to stand in front of the camera, design the journal entry, and post it to my blog; but it soon grew into much more of a documentation series. I began to really create an amazing connection to my little unborn baby through the letters I wrote each week to him (although we didn't know it was a 'he' at the time!).

"A little note about the last two journals…

"My father, Warren Williams, an outstanding physician and renaissance man, died three days before I delivered my son. He had battled liver cancer and a host of other problems when suddenly he became unresponsive, and we rushed him to the emergency center. I began contractions that night…

"My father was the one who introduced me to photography, who took me out in the field to teach me about aperture and shutter speed. He gave me his Nikon film camera, which I carried with me throughout my travels in Europe. It was my most prized possession. The photography he did in the mid century in Germany is some of the most amazing photography I’ve ever seen."

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