Maxfield's Ice Cream Birthday Party

When Maxfield was asked how he wanted to celebrate his upcoming second birthday, he told his mom, photographer Chenin Boutwell, just what he wanted, "party, ice cream, mommy." With that, Chenin took this simple idea and created a super special ice cream party for him with lots of DIY and crafty love. She set up his very own ice cream parlour with several flavors of ice cream and fun toppings, ready to enjoy with vintage ice cream cups and old-fashioned wooden spoons. Every guest could build their own sweet sundae, try one of Max's favorite snacks from the low-to-the-ground Cracker Bar, or indulge in a homemade cupcake made to look like an ice cream cone. Chenin's DIY paper cones turn regular balloons into floating ice cream cones, and the party favors are too cute for words!


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Vintage Ice Cream Cups: