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Henry's Handcrafted Nursery

This nursery design for baby Henry is full of personal, handcrafted details and lots of history. We love the story behind this space! Julie Mikos | Photographer captured the lovely photos of the room, and also some incredibly precious newborn shots of Henry, which we've also shared below.

Henry's mom Kelly shared some of the details about the nursery design with us:

"My husband and I are living in the house that he grew up in, and our baby's nursery was my husband's room growing up. He was brought home from the hospital to that room and so was our son! That felt really special to us, and seeing as we are both architects we are quite handy and wanted to do a lot of crafts and projects for our first child. The nursery became a labor of love for us both. Down to the wire, too, as our son came a few weeks early!"

Read on for more details about this charming space!

The Portrait
The portrait hanging near the changing table is a 90+ year old photograph of the baby's great-grandfather Henry, after whom he is named. Kelly said, "He was a very special grandfather to me. My aunt gave us the photograph at our baby shower. At the time it was suffering from age and damage but my aunt generously had it restored by one of the best restorationists in the business, Gawain Weaver. Gawain did an amazing job restoring the photograph and even had a new piece of oval-shaped/ovaloid glass made for the original frame. It is precious and irreplaceable to us!"

Handmade Bird Mobile
"I made the mobile using a free pattern I found online for hand sewn birdies. The pattern shows the birds mounted on branches. A friend suggested using embroidery hoops instead as she was sewing birds from the same pattern for her baby and had some vintage hoops on hand -- I decided to use her idea and grabbed a bunch of hoops at a local sewing store. They were only about $1-3 each depending on the size. Most of the fabrics for the birds came from swatches I had lying around -- some were discontinued fabrics from high end upholstery companies (that they were going to throw away) and some were scraps from old decorating projects. Henry loves the birds -- they spin for a very long time with a gentle nudge and he often falls asleep watching them slowly rotate."

Changing Table:
"My husband's big project -- he constructed and painted the entire piece. Since the room already had a long built-in countertop with cabinets below, we didn't want to add any furniture that wasn't necessary and would just take up space. We decided to take some inspiration from a 'changing table topper' we found online (but was very expensive) and build our own. My husband bought a single sheet of maple plywood and some drawer glides and some paint, then went out back to the workshop with the drawings I'd done. It came out wonderfully and is very functional. When our son is older we will put it on the floor and he can use it as a reading bench (and the drawer will hold books instead of diapers!)."


See more photos in the full gallery

vendors & sources

Curtains: Anthropologie
Changing Table: Custom cover built by Henry's dad Eddie
Pair of owls: Hand crocheted by a friend
Shallow Bookshelves: IKEA spice racks
Bird Mobile: Made by Henry's mom Kelly
Cable car night light: Vintage, belonged to baby Henry's great-grandfather Henry
Brass Birdcage: Vintage, purchased for Kelly's and Eddie's wedding