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Membership Fee

A membership is $9.99. This is a one time fee, as this website will be closing on June 1, 2019.


Due to the digital nature of this product, we cannot offer refunds for any reason. We strongly recommend trying out a free printable before signing up, as well as trying a preview of the printable you are currently interested to make sure you want a membership.

File Format & Printing

Printables are currently only available in .png file format. No printing services or assistance is included in a membership.

Copyright & Usage Rights

All printables on this website are copyright The Little Umbrella. You may not use The Little Umbrella printables for commercial use of any kind. You may not sell our printables or printable memberships under any circumstance.

    Examples of Prohibited Uses:
  • Selling full or partial printables in printed or digital form
  • Using any part of our printables in a new design, commercial or personal
  • Using any part of our printables in branding or marketing materials
  • Printing any part of our printables on a product for sale
    Examples of Allowed Uses:
  • Using printables for your own personal special event or to display in your home
  • Printing a design on a t-shirt or other product for your child
  • Hiring a commercial printer to print a printable for your own personal use

If you are unsure whether a use is allowed or prohibited, please contact us at

Server Downtime & Outages

On occasion, our servers may go down due to circumstances beyond our control or for maintenance. If you are using our printables for a special event, we strongly recommend creating any needed printables ahead of time to account for any potential downtime.


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Printable Edits

All printables are offered as-is, even if they contain typos or other flaws. While we try to correct errors as soon as possible, edits are made only at our own discretion.

Language & Available Characters

All printables are designed in English with fonts containing English characters. Some fonts are compatible with other languages, and some are not. All fonts used are at our discretion.

Printable Availability & Changes

We may remove certain printables from our website in the future. We may also find it necessary to change a font or design element in a posted printable. We reserve the right to make those changes at our discretion.


The Little Umbrella may suspend or terminate any account in violation of these terms.