Winter Wonderland Snowflakes

Create a whimsical winter wonderland with paper snowflakes for your children's playroom, nursery or bedroom with just a few simple folds and snips. Let your littles join in the fun and create their own snowflakes, or surprise them with a wintry display.

Whimsical Silk Pumpkin Decor

What You Need

  1. White paper in various sizes (I used medium weight sheets because it's easier for kids to cut when folded.)
  2. Scissors
  3. Clear Illusion Cord
  4. Clear Tape


  1. Fold your paper into a triangle, then cut off the extra piece to make it even.

  2. Then fold the triangle into thirds. It might take a few tries--All edges/sides should match up perfectly. You will end up with  a tail on one end.

  3. Cut off that end piece so you have a nice, even edge work with.

  4. Create your snowflake by cutting into the edges and creating designs. I don't have patterns, I just try different shapes, lines and edges, so each snowflake is different, just like in nature.

  5. Open up your snowflake slowly and carefully, spreading it out and pressing on the creases to help flatten it.

  6. Place your snowflakes in a heavy book overnight, to press them flat.

  7. Attach illusion cord in various lengths (I double knot to ensure they don't fall).

  8. Hang from the ceiling with clear tape (I used satin tape so it comes off easy).

  9. Enjoy your winter wonderland!