Valentine's Day Surprise Balls

Create a delightful package of goodies this Valentine's Day for your littlest Valentines. They will have a blast as they unravel their very own surprise ball, uncovering magic, trinkets, and fun surprises along the way.

Whimsical Silk Pumpkin Decor

What You Need

  1. Crepe/Streamer Paper in various colors
  2. Stickers
  3. Small trinkets, like colored rocks, bouncy balls, plastic animals, and tops (whatever your heart desires as long as it can be wrapped easily)
  4. Tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Bakers Twine or Ribbon


  1. Cut out stickers individually or into strips so that they will wrap into the ball easily.
  2. Starting with the most round item, tape the end of the crepe paper to the item and start wrapping it, covering all sides. (You can twist the crepe paper before you wrap, too, to ensure an even wrap.)
  3. When you're ready to transition into a new color, tape the ends together and then keep wrapping.
  4. Start to incorporate the trinkets and stickers into the wrapping, squeezing the ball as you go, to get a good shape.
  5. You can pile up the crepe paper into areas that are uneven and wrap over, to keep the round shape as you wrap items that are pointy or make the ball look uneven.
  6. Remember to keep shaping by twisting the paper and squeezing as you go to ensure a good round ball.
  7. When you're done, squeeze one last time to shape and then tape down the end piece on the bottom of the ball.
  8. Add ribbon or baker's twine to finish it off, tying into a bow or knot.
  9. Add name tags or tie on paper hearts if you'd like.

    *Variations: When wrapping, add in handwritten quotes, fun coupons for trips to the zoo or ice cream sundaes, candies and confetti or glitter to add extra magic. :)