Thanksgiving Printable Card and Family Activity

This printable Thanksgiving card is not only a sweet gift to send in the mail to loved ones, but also a fun activity to get little ones involved in the season. This printable card was hand lettered with watercolor detail, so even if you don’t have children in your home, it's a beautiful card to send from yourself.

Thanksgiving Printable Card and Family Activity

What You Need

  1. Collected wheat
  2. Printed cards
  3. Washi tape (gold glitter tape shown)
  4. Envelopes and stamps for mailing
  5. Pen to write your note
  6. Printed photos from your adventure


  1. First, print your cards. You can download the original pdf and print, or create a new one with your own color choices on the printable page here.
  2. With your cards printed, cut to size and fold.
  3. Now, take some time to write your message inside. I did this for our two year olds, but older children could write their own, telling family members how thankful they are for them.
  4. Head out on an adventure to collect some wheat or tall grasses to add to your card. We packed up a few snacks, bundled up in our mittens and hats and hit the road to find the perfect "adventure" spot to pick some wheat. Wheat, weeds… there’s lots of both around here and my kids like them equally. We unloaded and spent our morning picnicking in the tall grasses and finding the perfect stems to bring home to send to Grandma in the mail. I managed to snap a few photos of them before they noticed and notified me that no more photos were allowed. They’ve been talking about their adventure ever since.

  5. With the perfect pieces in hand from your adventure, trim down a couple stems of wheat and affix to the front of the card using your chosen washi tape.

  6. Slip a few photos inside (grandparents will love seeing how they collected the wheat on the card!) and seal up your envelope with some more tape.