Hand Painted Mason Jars with a Distressed Finish

Add some charm to your mantle or a vintage feel to your next party with these easy to make hand painted mason jars. This simple project would also be perfect for your Valentine's day decor and doesn't take much time to do! The jars are easy to find at your local craft store and won't break the bank.

Hand Painted Mason Jars with a Distressed Finish

What You Need

  1. Ball canning jars
  2. Paintbrush
  3. Acrylic paint
  4. Sanding block/paper
  5. Ribbon or Twine (optional)


  1. First, paint the outside of the jars with acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. I chose red, two shades of pink, white, and gold.

  2. Let the first coat of paint dry completely. This is very important to prevent the paint from peeling.
  3. After the paint is dry, paint at least 2 additional coats. If you are using a lighter color paint, it may need a total of 4 coats.
  4. When the paint is completely dry, use a sanding block or sand paper to distress parts of the jar. This gives it more of a "worn" or antique look.

  5. Optionally, you can also add twine or ribbon to the top of the jar for an extra embellishment.