DIY Bunny Eared Pillow

These bunny eared pillows are so sweet for a child's room or reading nook. With Easter coming up, they also make the perfect no-chocolate gift for little ones. I actually made a bear eared one as well; the bunny for my daughter, the bear for my son. Before I’d even finished, my daughter was checking in to remind me that when it was done, it was hers. It’s fuzzy (what kid doesn’t love fuzzy?), it’s cheeky, and it’s darned cute. 

DIY Bunny Eared Pillow

What You Need

  1. Fuzzy fabric, mine is a dusky blue and was found in the faux fur section (you’ll use approximately half a meter on one pillow)
  2. Pillow Forms
  3. Fabric Scissors
  4. Drop Cloth or other heavy canvas
  5. Pins
  6. Sewing machine with coordinating thread
  7. Needle and thread


  1. Start by laying out your fabric two ply. Lay your existing pillowcase (or your pillow form, just allow extra material) and cut around, leaving a generous seam allowance.
  2. Next, lay out your drop cloth or heavy canvas four ply and cut out extra long bunny ears. These will be used to stiffen the ears so they don’t flop over all the time. Lay the ears you just cut out of the drop cloth on top of your faux fur and cut, leaving a seam allowance. You will need four pieces (two for each ear).
  3. Time to get sewing! Start by sewing two pieces of drop cloth ears together to make one stiffer piece of fabric.
  4. Now, pin your fluffy fabric right side together and sew the ears, leaving the bottom (where it would attach to the pillow) open. Turn it right side, adding the drop cloth in as shown.
  5. Now, sew one more time, an inset stitch to hold the drop cloth in place. Imagine you are sewing a line where the pink part of the bunny’s ear would be. This stitch is important not only to hold the lining in place, but it makes the ears look more like ears and less like a long tube.
  6. Now, lay out your pillow cover, right sides together, and insert the ears as shown. This is how you will need to sew them so that when it is turned right side, they are pointed up. Pin it like crazy, then sew it together. Stitch the edge that holds the ears twice to be safe (they will get tugged on, I’m sure!). Leave the bottom edge open.
  7. Turn right side and stuff the pillow into the case. Sew the bottom seam by hand and you have a perfectly sweet little rabbit pillow!