Chinese New Year Necklace Project for Kids

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this fun necklace project for kids. 2015 is the Year of the Goat, but you can recreate this project every year with the corresponding animal. Create one for your child, or have your child create one for their friends!

Chinese New Year Necklace Project for Kids

What You Need

  1. Goat figurines (Schleich)
  2. Craft cord
  3. Beads

Gift Bag (optional)

  1. Muslin bags
  2. Circular sponge paintbrush
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Red and black paint
  5. Cardboard


  1. Cut a long strand of craft cord and loop the it around the belly of the goat.
  2. Once the loop is in place, knot it, so it won't move.
  3. Begin stringing your beads to both sides of the cord. This is the fun part. You can create patterns (and have your child help!), or keep it simple with one colored bead. Another idea, is to string painted macaroni noodles to the cord, if you don't have any beads on hand. String until the necklace is the desired length, or however many beads you'd like to use.

  4. Knot the beads into place, and then knot the two strands together.

Gift Bag Instructions (Optional)
  1. To decorate the muslin bag, first cut to size a piece of cardboard to stick in the bag. This will keep the paint from bleeding through onto the back of the bag.

  2. Apply some red paint onto your circular sponge paintbrush, and practice "dabbing" a few times. Once you have an even amount of paint on your brush, "dab" onto the muslin bag slowly. This will be the body of the goat.

  3. Using the paintbrush, apply some strokes onto the red circle with the black paint. You'll want to create legs for the goat, by using two simple brushstrokes towards the bottom of the red circle. And two swirl strokes up at the top, for the horns of the goat, as well as it's face.

  4. Once dried, remove the cardboard. You can leave the bag as it is, or embellish it a little. I chose to use my date stamp, to remind the child of what day, Chinese New Year falls on.

  5. Stuff the bag with the goat necklace, and gift to your little one, or their friend(s). Another fun idea is to write out a little joke or riddle to add in the bag, along with the necklace. Example: Knock, Knock Who's there? Goat Goat Who? Goat to the door and find out.