Watercolor Wooden Star Mobile

Decorating a nursery is even more special when you are able to fill the room with personal pieces made with love specifically for your baby. This DIY mobile project fits the bill, bringing not only a little handcrafted love into the nursery, but also some favorite trends: natural wood and watercolor. This DIY couldn't be any simpler; no power tools required!

Watercolor Wooden Star Mobile

What You Need

  1. Balsa Craft Wood Sheets 3/32" Thick x 4" Wide (For the Stars)
  2. Balsa Craft Wood Strips 3/32" Thick x 3/16" Wide (For the Mobile)
  3. Cutting Mat
  4. Craft Knife
  5. Awl (Pointy Screwdriver)
  6. Charcoal Embroidery Thread
  7. Navy Acrylic Craft Paint
  8. Fan Paint Brush
  9. Small Flat Paint Brush
  10. Clear Sealer Spray (Satin Finish)
  11. Wooden Beads


  1. Start by drawing out a star template. You could free-hand, or find a template you like online. Lightly trace this template onto your balsa wood sheets. While the concept would translate well to any shape, the stars are magical.
  2. Start cutting out your stars using your craft knife. Press only gently and take a few passes to easily cut the Balsa wood.
  3. Then use an awl to gently punch the holes for your thread. Balsa wood is fantastic for crafts since you only need a craft knife to work with it. The only downside- it's very delicate, so be gentle when cutting and punching to avoid breaking the pieces.

  4. Once your stars are cut, you can get to painting! Start by painting the edges of your stars with full strength paint using a small flat brush.
  5. Next, move on to create the watercolor effect on the face of the stars. Dip your fan brush in water, then mixing with the acrylic paint, drag the fan brush until out of paint. Add more water as necessary to create a graded effect. Too much water can cause the soft wood to swell, so you may need to re-punch your holes for the thread.

  6. When the paint is dry, mist a couple coats of a satin finish clear spray sealant over each side to protect the finish.
  7. Decide how large you would like your mobile to be and cut your balsa strips accordingly.
  8. Punch a whole in the center of each strip as well as on each end.
  9. Then, cut embroidery thread to length (this will vary depending on the height of your ceiling) and feed the hanging thread through the holes. Taping the ends may help make this easier. Tie knots to secure the strips and strings in place. Taping your work-in-progress to a wall or window will help you keep the threads and wood strips organized while assembling.

  10. Next, thread on your wooden beads. These will help add weight to the mobile (balsa wood is very light). Adjusting the height of the beads will also help balance the mobile. Thread them on without tying knots by looping the thread back around twice (see below).

  11. Once your wooden beads are in place, tie your stars in place. Once they are tied in place, you may need to adjust the height of the wooden beads again to balance the mobile. When you've balanced your mobile, you're ready to hang it!