New Year's Eve Balloon Memory Wall

This DIY is not just party decor, but also an activity to help you reflect on the best moments of the year! Each of the balloons is filled with a fun pop of confetti and a memory. Every hour, pop a balloon to read what's inside or see a favorite photo from the year. This is a great activity just for the family, or if you're hosting a party, have guests send in a favorite memory.

New Year's Eve Balloon Memory Wall

What You Need

  1. Balloons in the color(s) of your choice
  2. Contrasting paint pen (or Sharpie)
  3. Confetti
  4. Small Photos or Paper (for your memories)
  5. Funnel
  6. Tape to affix to the wall


  1. Take some time collecting memories and writing them down. I used a shiny black cardstock and a silver paint pen. Try picking memories that will bring a laugh or have a good story. And might I suggest that in your 12:00 balloon your 'memory' be: "That time we... kissed as the clock struck midnight, excited to fill 2015 with new memories."

  2. Roll your memories up and then, using a funnel, slide them into your balloons along with some confetti. Now inflate them, either all the same size or in a variety of sizes as shown.

  3. This is the toughest step--writing the hours on the balloons! Paint pens work best because you don't need to apply pressure to get them to write. The larger the balloon the easier it is to write on (it's firmer). Make sure to write on the side opposite to the tie off so when you tape them to the wall you won't see the tie.

  4. Now you can affix them to the wall! I found washi tape and painters tape did not work. Clear tape, however, worked perfectly. Scatter the balloons in a group around a wall. This would look great behind a food table or as a photo backdrop.

  5. Party the night away and enjoy reflecting on the best moments in your year as each hour passes!