Luminous Nursery Cloud Night Light

Add a touch of magic and whimsy to your little one's nursery or bedroom with this easy DIY cloud light project. The enchanting soft glow of this light will create a bedtime wonderland and send your little ones happily off to their dreams.

Luminous Nursery Cloud Night Light

What You Need

  1. Paper Lanterns (6", 8", and 10" sizes shown)
  2. Cotton Batting
  3. Battery Operated Micro LED String Lights (cold white lights shown)
  4. Hot Glue Gun
  5. Glue Sticks
  6. Illusion Cord or Fishing Line


  1. Assemble your lanterns, pulling the lantern fabric up around the metal frame (the square part of the frame goes on the bottom and the hooks on the top).

  2. Create the clouds by pulling the cotton batting apart. You can do this in smaller pieces or larger pieces. You may want to have a few smaller pieces to fill in as needed. Set them aside.

  3. Decide what shape you'd like to make with the three lanterns. Play around with positioning until you have the positions/shape you'd like. Then, apply hot glue to the lanterns and hold them together in the shape you want until the glue has cooled and they are firmly stuck together. (I did the larger two first based on my desired shape.)

  4. Reinforce the lanterns by using the illusion cord/fishing line to tie them together. Use the hooks at the top to secure them to each other.

  5. Hot glue your last lantern to the first two. Apply the glue all around the lanterns where they connect with the others to ensure a strong hold.

  6. Reinforce all three lanterns together one last time with illusion cord/fishing line just like you did earlier.
  7. Insert LED strings* into each lantern making sure to put the battery pack in the larger lantern with the on/off switch facing out through the hole at the bottom to make it easy to turn on and off. (*You can choose instead to use a single LED light in each lantern if you prefer.)

  8. Apply the cotton batting to the lanterns with hot glue. Scrunch the batting a bit as you glue to make it fluffier and thicker in certain areas, like a real cloud. Make sure to leave a little opening at the tops of the lanterns in case you need to get to the lights at some point.

  9. Triple thread the illusion cord/fishing line through the top lanterns to the desired length you'd like your cloud light to hang. (Triple threading will ensure a stronger hold.)
  10. Hang your light and fluff/adjust the batting as desired to achieve the look and shape desired.