Felt Letter Garland

Oh, Baby! This lettered felt garland would make a fabulous, fun touch to almost any baby shower. It can be made to suit any theme, with any phrase or gender. Switch out the blues for pinks and purples and you've got a garland fit for a sweet girl. If you change the phrase, you can also use this project for just about any type of party.

Felt Letter Garland

What You Need

  1. Four sheets of felt
  2. Printed letter template (or design of your own)
  3. Sharp craft knife
  4. Cutting mat
  5. Embroidery thread & embroidery needle


  1. Print out your template (click here to use our template), then cut out the letters.

  2. Lay your template letters over your first piece of felt. Hold the letter firmly in place as you cut around it with a sharp craft knife. Sharp is the key word here. A dull craft knife will not only cause frustrations, but frayed edges. To cut through felt, press firmly with the craft knife causing as much of the knife blade to contact the felt as possible. Dragging the tip of the knife can result in fraying as well. Craft knives with a wide grip are easier to apply pressure to. The first letter or two will probably be practice. Once you get the hang of it, it goes much quicker--promise!

  3. When all your letters are cut out, thread your needle with a coordinating color of embroidery thread. Taking care to face the letters in the correct direction, start threading the letters on from one end to the other. Use the needle to poke through from the back of the letter to the front and back-to create large 'stitches', two per letter (except A- there's only room for one).

  4. Tape your garland to the wall and take your time spacing out your letters. The thread is thick enough that it holds them in place once adjusted. If you want to be extra sure there is no moving of the letters (for example, if transporting the garland after assembled), dab a little hot glue on the back of the letters where the thread is.

  5. Now it's time to get your party on! Store it easily by winding the garland around a piece of cardboard, making sure the letters lay flat.

    *The cloud garland is from The Land of Nod.