Faux DIY Patches

Give new life to worn out knees on pants and leggings by adding a little flair with these cute faux patches. Hearts are perfect for Valentine's Day, but you can use any shape--stars, airplanes, butterflies--to add some personality to your little's knees.

Whimsical Silk Pumpkin Decor

What You Need

  1. Leggings or Pants
  2. Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter
  3. Acrylic Paint or Fabric Paint (I used acrylic as it doesn't wash off)
  4. Paint Brushes with good pointy tips (for accuracy)
  5. Scissors
  6. Cardboard or thicker stock paper
  7. Bowl


  1. Mark the spot on the knee that you'll be painting (if you don't already have worn in spots like mine, mark the spot of the knee when the knee is bent, while your child is wearing the pants with a piece of tape).
  2. Cut out cardboard inserts to fit inside the pant legs so that the paint doesn't bleed through to the other side. Cut rounded edges so they slide in and out easier.
  3. Insert cardboard into legs under the knee area.
  4. Get your paint ready.
  5. Make sure the cookie cutter fits nicely over the location on the knee that you want to paint. Press firmly down on the cookie cutter so that its very tight on the fabric.
  6. Start painting. Paint around the edges of the cookie cutter, pressing very firmly as you go, to ensure a good outline and no bleeding. (I found that dabbing the paint on was best for the type of fabric I was working with.)
  7. Once your outline is complete, remove the cookie cutter and fill in the heart.
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 on the opposite knee.
  9. Let dry and add another coat if needed. Feel free to pull the fabric a bit as you paint, making sure all the crevices and areas are covered as you paint (Do not do this on the initial coat, only on the 2nd.)
  10. Let dry for 24 hours before wearing.

    *Variations: Use gold, silver, blue, yellow or any other color that your child likes. You can also choose different shapes, like stars, circles, squares, airplanes, butterflies, etc. as long as they fit over the area you are trying to cover.