DIY Vintage Grain Sack Pillow

This simple and charming pillow brings some child-safe vintage into the nursery. Made out of an unbleached vintage grain sack, this pillow offers character to any nursery decor. You can pair it with a vintage rocking chair, or add it to the reading nook, a glider, or on a little one's bed. The muted palette can be a welcome break from the usual vibrant kids room decorations.

DIY Vintage Grain Sack Pillow

What You Need

  1. 1 Vintage Unbleached Grain Sack
  2. Ivory Thread
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Scissors
  5. Pillow form


  1. The first thing you will need to do is source a grain sack. I used an oats sack found at a rural antique store--I spied it hanging in the rafters. Most grain sacks have been bleached so there will be no graphics on them. If you look around, you should be able to find some that are unbleached. Check antique stores rather than thrift stores for these. There are also plenty available on Etsy.

  2. To sew the pillow, begin by taking apart the seams. Then cut around the graphic you'd like to create into a pillow. I decided I wanted a square pillow, so measured the width and made sure to cut the height to match. This will be the front of your pillow.
  3. If your grain sack has another graphic you'd like to incorporate (mine had directions), pay attention to that when cutting the next part. Cut the back piece 3" (or more if you have a large sack) longer on one edge so you're left with a rectangle, then cut in half or slightly off center. These pieces will be hemmed on the open edge and will create the pocket for your pillow form to slip into. I chose to make this style pillow cover because I like to be able to take my pillow covers off for cleaning, and I avoid sewing zippers at all costs.
  4. Hem the edges on the back piece that will be left showing to make the pocket (they're the same edges you just cut). Then lay the front of the pillow face up and the back of the pillow (pieces overlapping so the outside edges of the pillow case line up) face down. Sew around the outside.

  5. Trim all your threads and turn your pillow cover right way. This is your pillow cover! Admire it...then get to making your pillow form!
  6. There are several ways to make a pillow form. I hacked an Ikea pillow form. I took a larger Ikea pillow form and marked the corner of my smaller pillow with pen. Then, I used scissors and cut an inch wider than that mark.

  7. Push all the stuffing for your pillow into the corner that is sewn from the larger pillow and sew one edge. Push it all to the other side and sew the other edge. Pillow forms are very delicate material so you'll want to turn your tension to 1 or 0 on your sewing machine.

  8. When your pillow form is finished, stuff it in your pillow cover and you're done!