DIY Handmade Dreamcatcher

Add a little bohemian flair to your nursery or baby shower with a handmade dreamcatcher. This makes a great gift for the mama-to-be, too.

Dreamcatcher DIY Project

What You Need

  1. Embroidery hoop
  2. Crochet doily (make sure it's slightly larger than the hoop)
  3. Colored or patterned ribbons
  4. Twine
  5. Hemp string
  6. Colored beads
  7. Fabric scraps
  8. Feathers
  9. Scissors


  1. Open up the embroidery loom so you now have two rings. (There is a screw to loosen and tighten at the top.)
  2. Lay your crochet doily over the top of the bottom ring (the ring without the screw) to center it and make sure it is placed where you want it. As you push the top ring over the bottom, stretch and pull the doily into the hoop as you go. It might take a few tries to get it perfectly centered. When the doily is in place with the two hoops together, tighten the screw at top.
  3. Start adding various ribbons and fabric scraps to the bottom of the hoop. Make a loop with the center of the ribbon, then pull the end pieces through the openings in the doily or at any open areas at the bottom. Feel free to make these additions varying lengths, too.
  4. Add a few strings of beads by tying a knot and threading beads onto the string as you go. Tie strings of beads with the knots behind the hoop so they are not visible from the front.
  5. Add feathers to your dreamcatcher by fastening them with twine.
  6. Loop and tie off a piece of twine to the top of the dreamcatcher so you can hang it from the wall.

    Variation to the project: Mix different colors schemes, ribbons, patterns and fabrics - - feel free to make your dreamcatcher unique, using all kinds of things that you find, even jewelry!