Baby Keepsake Shadowbox

This easy little project is the perfect way to commemorate your baby's birth or first year and makes for beautiful artwork for the nursery. Rather than keep those special keepsakes and photos packed away, out of sight, use this inexpensive project to put them on display.

Baby Keepsake Shadowbox

What You Need

  1. Shadow box (available at your local craft store or Homegoods)
  2. Baby photos (or ultrasound photo)
  3. Embellishments
  4. Chipboard
  5. Small keepsakes
  6. Glue gun


  1. To begin, choose all of the elements that you would like in the shadowbox. For example, I chose some baby photos, a couple of newborn headbands, a hospital announcement, and her date of birth. I also painted some of the chipboard with acrylic paint and added her birthday to one of the chipboards.

  2. Next, layout each piece in the shadowbox and arrange as desired. Some of the photos and elements may need to be trimmed to fit. With your pieces laid out where you want them, carefully hot glue each one in place.

  3. After you are done trimming and glueing, you will have a beautiful baby shadowbox to put on display!​