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What's in Your Diaper Bag { Punam Bean }

Happy Friday! Ready for another diaper bag reveal? Today we are giving you a peek at the diaper bag essentials of photographer Punam Bean. She's a new mom to darling little Uma in Los Angeles, California. If you'd like to see some of Punam's beautiful photography along with a lot of Uma cuteness, be sure to stop by her blog.

The Bag:
Bento Ultimate Diaper Bag in black by Skip Hop: "My husband wanted a bag that he could carry around that didn't look too feminine. This seemed to be the best option for us, and I really like that it comes with a food storage container, for when she starts on solids. It even has an ice pack, it's for the container, but we use it in the side pockets if we need to preserve some mixed formula for the day!"

What's Inside:
1) Seventh Generation Diapers and Wipes
2) Urban Outfitters Sweetheart Sunglasses in Red: "For me. :)"
3) Bottle of water for formula
4) Clif Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo bars: "For me. I need those calories to make that breast milk!"
5) Enfamil Newborn formula
6) Lact-Aid Supplementary Nursing System: "I had a breast reduction in 2007, and when I was exclusively breast feeding, Uma started losing weight, so we had to start supplementing. We started with bottles, but I was worried about nipple confusion, and I was missing the intimacy of nursing her (I was still nursing her, but bottle feeding cut into our time together), so we got the Lact-Aid so we could supplement without bottles. You hang the bag of formula from your neck (I tuck it in the opposite side of my nursing bra) and thread a tube into the baby's latch, so she gets breast milk and formula at the same time, or you can pinch the tube so she gets breastmilk only and formula only as needed."
7) giggle Better Basics Marquisette Swaddle Blanket in grey: "My favorite for shielding her from the sun in her car seat, or using as a cover up while breastfeeding. It's soft and gauzy, I love it!"
8) Sesame Street Wipes Travel Case
9) Philips Avent Soothie pacifier
10) Babies R Us prefolded cloth diapers: "We use these with diaper covers at home, but on the road we use disposables, and we use these as burp cloths."

Not Pictured:
11) "A change of clothes for Uma, and some warmer clothes in case the weather changes."
12) "An extra shirt for my Huz or me in case of accidents - specifically the poopie kind. My huz was wearing her in the Ergo once when she had a diaper blow out, and he had poop all over him, and the Ergo. Luckily this happened at home, but I realized we should probably be prepared for this happening in the world."