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What's in Your Diaper Bag? { Jocey Canrinus }

It's time for another peek inside the diaper bag of a mom we love: Jocey Canrinus, co-founder of On to Baby and of course, The Wedding Chicks, where you will usually find her dishing up the most creative finds for brides. She's also mom to four-year-old Ossian and baby Clementine, so we just had to take a look in her diaper bag! I always love Jocey's picks and recommendations because she *always* finds the best stuff.

The Bag:
Versa Diaper Bag in Black by Skip Hop

What's Inside:
1) Neosporin For Kids Wound Cleanser: "My mom bought this and I use it all the time. It doubles as a germ killer and wound cleanser. Perfect for after Ossian feeds the goats at the zoo."

2) Outfit Change, like this Zutano Secret Garden Footie: "I always have an outfit change just case she has an accident."

3) HAPPYBABY Organic Puffs: "These go really fast. They occupy her when I take her shopping. Clementine loves a good Puff."

4) MAM Pacifier: "I would like to say that my baby does not require a pacifier, but she does. Pretty much only when she is tired though."

5) iPhone: "Since Ossian is potty trained and simply requires my iPhone for all the latest train videos on youtube."

6) Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether: "Everyone seemed to have these and it had 1,581 reviews on Amazon so... I caved and bought the $25 small plastic giraffe. Loves it. Carries it everywhere and eats it as if it was a piece of chocolate cake. Well worth the money. I have a few other toys in my bag as well for entertaining purposes."

7) Huggies Diapers: "I have a whole bunch of other goodies in my bag, because it doubles as my purse. But of course I have Huggies. That is my preferred brand of choice. Pretty much because you can buy them in bulk at Costco"

8) Kirkland Baby Wipes: "Other wipes do not compare. We use them for spills in the car, to wipe up dirty hands, to clean the dashboard of the car, and of course to change Clementine. They are a universal wonderland."

9) Boon Fluid Sippy Cup: "We have several sippy cups, but she has taken a particular liking to this one and the best part is I just throw it the diaper bag with no lid and not a drop of water gets out. I like not worrying about lids."

10) Boon Dish Edgeless Stayput Bowl: "Clementine loves to whenever we go out to eat we have to give her what we are having. If I use one of the plates from the restaurant she tosses it like a frisbee. I felt super gross letting her eat off the table. So I bring these wherever we go. They do not move super easy and all the food stays inside."