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What's in your diaper bag? { Caroline Colóm Vásquez }

Today we're so excited to share with you a look inside the diaper bag of Caroline Colóm Vásquez, the talented artist behind Paloma's Nest. If you are looking for a thoughtful gift or an heirloom for your own family, you need to stop by Paloma's Nest if you have not already. Everything Caroline creates along with her husband José is handcrafted and beautifully designed, from wedding keepsakes to darling personalized ornaments for your little one. Caroline is mom to baby Valentín, who is now three months old, along with big sister Paloma, who is five. Check out her list of diaper bag essentials!

The Bag:
Onishi bag in chestnut by ValhallaBrooklyn

What's Inside:
1) Earth's Best Diapers: "Join Amazon Mom for discounts and monthly deliveries- a life saver!"
2) Badger mint lip balm
3) Sakura Bloom Simple Linen Sling in Plum
4) Chewbeads Cornelia Bracelet in black
5) Amber teething necklace from BalticAmbers on Etsy
6) Rattle by Caroline's friend Janice at Pinkhouse on Etsy
7) A simple one-piece change of clothes, like this romper by Tea
8) Large, lightweight scarf like this one from scarfshop: "One that works with any outfit but doubles as a baby blanket or nursing cover."
9) Zippered pouches, like this one from marketa (pictured) or this one from bookhou at home (not pictured): "For keeping mom's things separate from baby's!"
10) AUTOSEAL® Madison Water Bottle in Charcoal by Contigo: "Awesome for one-handed drinking while nursing!"
11) Infant Advil (not pictured)
12) Hand Sanitizer (not pictured)

Photo of Caroline and Valentín: Jesse Ryan Photography