What's in Your Diaper Bag? { Amelia Lyon }

Each week we reveal the diaper bag essentials of one peek-worthy mom. This week's mama is talented wedding and portrait photographer Amelia Lyon. At On to Baby, we love Amelia's fresh and memorable portraits; check out her blog to see some inspiring imagery. We also featured her last year in a combo portrait and nursery post that you can click here to see. Amelia also pulls mom duty for three cute kiddos: 7-year-old Hudson, 4-year-old Sloan, and the newest arrival for the Lyon clan, baby girl Monroe. With three kids, you know her picks are well-tested! She also sent us a few extra bonus picks of her bag in action, plus a full shot of everything inside (see at the bottom of this post).

The Bag:
Pretty Nylon Tate in Rainbow Multi by Marc by Marc Jacobs
"My diaper bag is by Marc Jacobs and I actually didn't get the diaper bag that he makes because it was a bit larger than I wanted. I wanted my bag to double as a diaper bag and still look like a stylish purse. The three things that I love most about this bag are:
1. Functionality
2. The color (I can wear it with anything)
3. I can wash it in my washing machine and hang it to dry!"

What's Inside:
1) Extra Onesies for unexpected blowouts
2) Aquaphor To-Go Tube
3) Earth's Best Tender Care Baby Wipes
4) Sophie the Giraffe Teether
5) Excedrin Extra Strength for mama: "Can't let random headaches get me down, I'm a mom of three!"
6) Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser, Pink
7) Bright Starts Teether and other baby toys and teethers
8) Diapees & Wipees Dandy Damask Travel Diaper Case
9) up & up hand sanitizer
10) Water bottle: "Nursing mama gets thirsty."
11) Earth's Best Baby Food Pouches for on-the-go feedings
12) Coppertone Kids Sunscreen
13) Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Drops
14) Johnson & Johnson Mini First Aid Kit
15) Desitin
16) Infants' Mylicon Gas Relief Drops

(Not pictured above, but can be seen in full shot below)
17) "Hotwheels, random toys for boys: "My kids are constantly asking me to hold their things in my purse..."
18) Granola Bar
19) Candy: "To bribe my other kids with...you know how it goes..."
20) Extra Pacifier
21) Pen
22) Hand Lotion
23) Compact Mirror/Brush
24) Lipstick/Lip Gloss
21) Perfume
26) Sunglasses
27) iPhone
28) Wallet
29) Business Card Pouch: "Never know when you'll run in to a potential client."