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Teddy's Nautical Themed 1st Birthday Party

Teddy's mom Annie isn't an event planner, but you'd never know it after seeing this amazing first birthday party she put together for her son! Stripes have become a mainstay in Teddy's clothing, which provided the inspiration for the nautical theme. Guests knew they were in for a treat when they received the fun invitation: a balloon attached to a wooden boat. Once inflated all the details of the party could be seen, and when placed in water, the boat would take off on a little ride as the balloon deflates. How cute is that?

Annie aimed for the party to be thoughtful and detailed while remaining easy and casual. Also, with a wide range of age ranges attending, she opted for a menu that accommodated all ages along with activities for everyone. The littlest guests enjoyed a music class, while the older kids had their own craft activities, including creating messages in bottles. See all of the details below captured by Love Light Images, and if you'd like to see more, check out the full gallery.


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