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From 2011-2016, we had an inspiration blog featuring nurseries, baby showers, parties, and portraits that were submitted to us by photographers, designers, and parents. We no longer accept submissions or post new blog content, but we have left the archive here for those who have saved this content, or for new readers looking for inspiration.

Sweet Child Photography in Stockholm, Sweden

This cute little one is two-year-old Ninja from Stockholm, Sweden. Emma Sandstrom has been photographing her since she was born, but that did not stop Ninja from being adorably curious about Emma and her camera. After hearing the sound from the shutter, Ninja loved to run over to see the photos that had been taken. Emma's photography business is named Adorable Moments, which is just too fitting for these sweet moments captured in this session! Emma also shared some touching thoughts with us:

"These days, these shoots are those I store deep in my heart and they keep me happy when I'm sad. Because, do you know why? Having had the opportunity to follow this little family for such a long time makes me happy. Being able to see Ninja develop, see her personality traits, the curious, shy, firm and calm little girl...That is what makes my heart melt with joy!"

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