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From 2011-2016, we had an inspiration blog featuring nurseries, baby showers, parties, and portraits that were submitted to us by photographers, designers, and parents. We no longer accept submissions or post new blog content, but we have left the archive here for those who have saved this content, or for new readers looking for inspiration.

Our Baby Name Index is Finally Here!

We've had many requests for a baby name index since we first opened the site, and we are so happy it's finally here! You can now see every baby name that's ever been on our blog in an alphabetical index. The number of times a name has appeared is also listed next to each name so you can see just how popular it's been here. If you get curious about who all those little Amelias and Dylans are, you can also click each name to see the associated posts.

Hands down, the most popular girl's name is Sophia (or Sofia, Sophie, and Sofie), while Dylan is the most popular for On to Baby boys. Amelia and Audrey follow closely behind Sophia for girls, while Ava, Avery, and Olivia fill out the rest of the top. On the boys' side, Evan takes second place, with Charlie and Mason tied for third.

The index will grow each day with every new post. We hope it sparks some ideas for you, and gives you a peek into the current trends!