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Hooray for Kindness | Our Charity Auction & Fundraiser

On New Year's Day, while most of us were celebrating the start of a brand new year, thirteen year old Alexander Frye chose to take his own life. He was a smart boy with a vast knowledge of trains that impressed even the veteran railroad employees he befriended at the local railyard. Despite his talkative nature and ability to make friendships with adults, he had a harder time with his peers. Like too many other children in this country, he was a victim of bullying. His family believes this played a major part in his decision to commit suicide.

Alexander's story is too common. Although we did not know him, when we heard his story, it broke our hearts here at On to Baby and The Wedding Chicks. We decided to organize a little online charity auction and fundraiser, called Hooray for Kindness, to help raise funds for BullyBust. BullyBust helps schools-in-need put an end to bullying with targeted school-wide and classroom-based efforts. It is too late for Alexander, but with your help, we can enable BullyBust to extend their outreach and improve the lives of other children in his memory.

So how can you help? We are accepting cash donations (see the cute handmade pin we'll send you for donations of $20 or more...), and we also have a wonderful online auction. So many incredible companies have donated their items and services. All of these items start at HALF their retail value, so there are also some pretty amazing deals to be had right now. There are items to fit every budget, starting as low as $10. If you have a moment, please take a look. We need your help and would be so honored if you join us!

Here are some items we think our On to Baby readers might like...