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Baby Reza's Beautiful Infant Photo Session

Precious little Reza is the first child of parents Coraline and Sebastien, captured here at eight weeks old in these beautiful photos by KT Merry Photography. KT Merry first photographed this couple at their wedding, which you can take a peek at by clicking here. We love what mom Coraline shared with us about Reza:

"REZA has his own personality that will draw you into his own little world. Between the sleepless nights, the diaper changes, and crying outbursts there is nothing like that beautiful smile and gloomy eyes that will make you forget about everything. Reza is our first baby boy who has enchanted our lives like never before."

If you are in love with these images from KT Merry Photography, you will also love this session of young Maya that completely enchanted us earlier this year. Also be sure to check out the full gallery, with more loveliness from this infant photo session.


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