Baby Eliseo's Weekly Photo Series

Despite my lack of photography skils, I've been faithfully documenting my little gal's first year with monthly photos. It has been so fascinating and wonderful to watch her grow right before my eyes. So when Irja Elisa Photography sent in her charming weekly documentation of her son Eliseo, I just had to share!

Irja shared a little bit of background on this project:
"As as new mom and a photographer, my little guy is photographed almost daily -- whether via iPhone or with the "real" camera. This project though is one I hold near & dear to my heart -- one photo, once a week starting as soon as possible after the baby arrives. We started our weekly project a little late, as we spent the first 12 days in NICU while Eliseo recovered from meconium aspiration. Maybe that early scare is what makes celebrating each week & milestone that much more special, but I like to think that every baby deserves to be celebrated."

Irja noted the week on a sign that often also included a special message or update on his progress. She used both her iPhone and her camera (whatever was handy!), and then processed them through Instagram's Earlybird filter just for fun. These photos are darling and are best viewed at a larger size than we were able to post here. See all of the weeks, plus each photo here at a larger size, over in the full gallery.


See more photos in the full gallery

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