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Adoption Birth Story Photography

Birth story photography is always powerful and so special, and we are honored each time a new family gives us the opportunity to share theirs with you. This one today is a first for us, as it's a story of adoption. Photographer Gus Dizon and his wife Mercy adopted baby Ayden, and these beautiful adoption birth story photos capture a bit of the first day they met their son. Gus shared with us a little bit about that amazing day:

”I had no idea when I woke up that 'normal' Wednesday morning that I would be a daddy by the end of that night. I got the call at noon from Sarah the birth mother that she was going into labor. Little Ayden Phoenix Dizon was ready to meet Mercy and I three weeks early. It seemed like an eternity as my wife Mercy and I fought the relentless traffic from the San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento that afternoon. We finally arrived just a little over 5 minutes before Ayden was born, and at about 10 minutes after the doctor handed my the scissors to cut the cord. Just after that Sarah had told the nurses to place Ayden into Mercy's arms. It was so surreal as our hearts were filled with immense gratitude for Sarah and love for this child destined to be in our care. We are thankful that Sarah had chosen us and made the adoption plans for Ayden.”

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