A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

There are a lot of popular baby shower themes out there, but for her sister's big event, Kelly Lyden of WH Hostess skipped the themes and went straight for style! She wanted the party to feature classic baby icons, like baby rattles, blocks and storks, while reflecting the expecting mama's design aesthetic at the same time. The result is a chic event in a fresh aqua and coral palette with polished details. The ideas from this gorgeous baby shower are also featured in Kelly's debut book, Stylish Kids' Parties, so pick up a copy if you'd like to see more! Kelly was also kind enough to share much more about the planning for this post, so read on below to get all the info.

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"I welcomed guests into the baby shower with a statement piece on the front door. To create the look of a whimsical, oversized rattle, I used two different sizes of floral foam balls, an empty paper towel roll, ribbon and daisies. This project was very simple to put together, and if using fresh flowers, should be done just before the start of the party. It could also be constructed using silk flowers and could be repurposed as nursery décor after the event."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"As a stationery designer, I feel the invitation to any event is the first impression….so make it a fabulous one! I think it is important that it reflect the color palette, level of formality and theme for the event. For this baby shower, the classic stork was updated with a crisp, striped shirt and polka dot scarf, and looked fresh against a tonal aqua blue chevron background."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"I like to focus my attention on one main focal point in each room of the party. For this shower, that included the fireplace décor, the dessert table and the table settings. The fireplace served as a backdrop to gift opening, so guests would be looking at it for quite some time. I created custom art prints to place on the mantel, surrounded by bouquets of tulips and roses in monochromatic arrangements. A double-hung garland of braided satin ribbon soared across the top of the fireplace, and mini clothespins held a variety of patterned onesies."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and CoralA Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and CoralA Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"I wanted to create a stunning dessert table that would not only serves as a beautiful focal point for the party, but also offer guests sweet treats to enjoy at the party or to bring home with them. I find that bite-size desserts are best, so guests can try more than one, so I included mini lemon tarts, cake pops and brownie bites, personalized sugar cookies and cupcakes topped with darling fondant toppers with tiny baby shoes on them.

"To give this table a pop of 'Modern Glam', I used a chevron sequin tablecloth as the base. It played off the shimmer from the polka-dot centerpieces and made for a gorgeous base for all of the desserts. I used mainly white plates and cakes stands for a uniform look, embellishing them all with coordinating patterned Cake Plate Clings. Aqua tent cards that resembled ribbon identified the treats, and two 36” balloons helped to define the vertical space above the table.

"Baby blocks are a classic staple when it comes nursery décor or baby shower decorations. I wanted to incorporate them into my dessert table, but had a difficult time sourcing blocks that would coordinate with my unusual color palette. I decided to make them using my custom paper, wood blocks and mod podge."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"Baby Showers are a fabulous opportunity to get creative with your cocktails (or mock-tails for the mama-to-be). Citrus water is one of my go-to entertaining secrets. A beautiful drink dispenser of water was flavored with sliced lemons, strawberries and mint for a refreshing non-alcoholic option, while a mimosa bar featuring champagne and different fruit nectar mixers was the perfect luncheon treat. No matter what your drink of choice is, it’s always better with a festive straw. We dressed them up with our straw flags, so they exclaimed 'Cheers to the Mama!', 'Sweet Baby' and 'Cheers!'"

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"Playing host to a room full of women can be a daunting task, especially if you are cooking and serving food, refilling drinks and trying to be a social butterfly! Ladies tend to prefer lighter meal options, especially at lunchtime. For this event, I served a few salads, my homemade popovers with strawberry butter, and set up a quiche bar featuring four different flavors. It was the perfect amount of food, and everything could be made prior to the event, so I was able to quickly place it on the buffet without being away from my guests for too long. I labeled the buffet with coordinating tent cards to identify the food."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"I dressed up basic glass rose bowls with glittered polka dots. Simple to create, this is an idea you could use for any party! Simply dip a removable glue dot into any shade of glitter and then apply to the vase.

"Since my guests were joining me for lunch, I focused my efforts on creating a gorgeous table setting. I set a series of round tables with white rental chairs, and crisp white tablecloths. This served as the perfect backdrop to my gorgeous centerpieces and colorful place settings. The glitter-embellished vases held a large bouquet of coral roses, tulips and white hydrangeas. Forgoing paper and plastic tableware, I used basic white china, silverware and footed water glasses to give the table a more elegant feel. A coral napkin was placed under the plate for a pop of color against the white tablecloth, and personalized place cards stood on the table, being held up by the prongs of the forks.

"To add a modern detail and icebreaker activity to the table, I created a Celebrity Baby Name Game for guests to play. The game card was color-coordinated and included a white pencil that I had personalized with 'Sweet Baby Ware' on them. The game offered a lot of laughs and was a great way to encourage guests to interact."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

"My sister’s chair held a special “Mama-to-be” sign, identifying her special seat at the head table. It also added a touch of pattern and décor to the space."

A Chic Baby Shower in Aqua and Coral

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Shannon J. Perkins 12 months ago

What a classic baby shower! If mom-to-be wants something new for her shower, this one is perfect. The idea is really impressive. The hostess of this baby shower have done a very great job.

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