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What's in your Diaper Bag? { Kelly Moore Clark }

Friday's here, and that means it's time for another diaper bag reveal! Today's mom is photographer and bag designer Kelly Moore Clark, who has two adorable daughters, Posey and Chapel. Kelly's photography experience eventually inspired her to start her very own line of fabulous functional and stylish camera bags. These are definitely not your average bags! Stop by Kelly's site to see the whole collection.

The Bag:
2 Sues Bag | Grey by Kelly Moore
Because Kelly is a bag designer, of course she has a super chic and functional bag! Even though it was designed as a camera bag, it works for Kelly as a diaper bag, too. I love the built-in wallet and the padded, removable, and adjustable dividers.

What's Inside:
1) Shea Moisture Baby Lotion: "I really love the Shea Moisture products. The baby lotion is great."
2) Pampers Diapers
3) Cloth Diaper Rags
4) Gum: "I have been liking Extra Dessert Delights lately...Orange Creme Pop is delish."
5) Jemma Kid Lip Gloss from Target
6) Dr. Pepper: "Guilty habit."
7) Pampers Sensitive Wipes: "Must be in a princess container because Posey loves everything princess."
8) Colgate Wisps (mini teeth cleaners/brushes)
9) Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Bottle in insulated pouch

Not pictured
10) EpiPen: "Posey has a peanut allergy."
11) Keys
12) Phone