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Sweet Chubby Baby

We are in love with Briley's adorable rolls of baby fat and these beautiful photos by Tara Swain Photography. Briley is Tara's little girl, and Tara's description of this series of photos was so sweet we just had to share it with you, too!

"These are the 10 month pictures I took of my daughter, Briley Grace, in October 2010...[E]ven though I've taken so many photos of her since this shoot these remain my favorites. I feel that these were the last of the 'chubby baby' photos. When Briley was born she was 6lb 13oz and the most teeny tiny baby I've ever seen. She quickly plumped up into my little roley poley. Every time I look at these images I'm reminded of each little baby roll. Every little bit of arm and baby leg fat is missed...but I have these photos to remind me of my sweet chubby baby and how we've now officially moved into the toddler era." - Tara Swain


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